Author's acknowledgements

Editorial Advisers to the author

Elizabeth Ho (Coordinator of the publication)
Dr. Helen Jones
Dr. Susan Magarey
All members of the Women's Suffrage Centenary History Sub-Committee, of the Women's Suffrage Centenary Steering Committee

This book is dedicated to Nadia and Daniel Mansutti and to the memory of Evelyn Lee of whom we know very little but whose care and support of her mother would have made a significant contribution to Mary Lee's work.

My thanks to Elizabeth Ho, Dr. Helen Jones, Dr. Susan Magarey and the generous staff of the Mortlock Library of South Australiana, State Library, Adelaide.

Coordinator's acknowledgements

Elizabeth Mansutti

The former Minister for Arts and Territories, the Hon. Wendy Fatin for approving the grant to produce this booklet, under the Commemoration of Historic Events and Famous Persons Program

Tony Martin, Office of the Minister for advice on the grants program

Pam Hocking, Women's Suffrage Centenary Secretariat for administrative support

Peter Jenkins, State Library of South Australia for technical production advice

The Mortlock Library of South Australiana, State Library of S. A.

Dr Leith MacGillivray for proofreading and advice

Editorial colleagues, Drs Helen Jones and Susan Magarey

The Speaker of the House of Assembly, S. A. Parliament for permission to use a photograph of the Petition

State and Territory Education authorities